Turanza Whipple Jackson, EdD
Founder & CEO

Turanza, a veteran educator, is the founder and CEO of Dr. Turanza W. Jackson ConsultingTM. As a servant leader, Turanza has a passion for continuous learning and helping others sustain and expand their careers and professional growth.

Turanza's work in public service began as an educator in 2007. During her time, she worked in two Title I high schools, teaching various levels of science content. Dr. Jackson supported leadership teams in curriculum planning and worked to gain credentials to become certified to teach talented and gifted students and English speakers of other languages. After years of teaching high school, Turanza focused on expanding her reach to teach adult learners while supporting small businesses in communities. Turanza is a life-long learner and has an affinity for educational equality, community, and engaging opportunities for leadership and development.

A first-generation college graduate, Turanza studied liberal arts at Mercer University and Kennesaw State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, a Master of Education in Science from Georgia State University, and a Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership and Adult Learning from Nova Southeastern University.

Turanza describes her personal mission as the following: "My mission is to impact my community by imparting the ideas, experiences, and information that I have been fortunate to learn throughout my educational and professional journey. I believe that is part of the responsibility that I have as a professional and a citizen. As I continue to challenge my own perspective, I am hoping to reach others who have the openness to continue to learn and grow as people, as well as lending growth opportunities to those who share the same interests."

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